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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 30, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>> this is the bay area news station. kron 4 news at 11:00 starts now. >> at 11:00, residents on high alert. a snake scam has slithered into several bay area cities targeting homes. police are on the hunt for burglars. >> the primary suspect is female in the animal control officers uniform. >> good evening, i'm catherine heenan. tonight, snake scammers using a very unusual burglary tactic. kron 4's justine waldman has the details. >> reporter: here is the sketch of who police are calling the snake scammer. a hispanic woman, 5' 6'', with blond or light brown hair and a lip piercing. police tell kron 4 she wears a uniform of khaki clothes and work boots. on her shirt is a patch that
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says animal control and the name al. but she is not at your house to get rid of snakes. police tell kron 4 she is there to steal your jewelry and money. >> it is like the scam with utility workers. there is an urgency because the snakes are supposedly loose in the neighborhood and people have a natural fear of snakes. >> reporter: the suspect says snakes are on the loose and she needs to set traps in your backyard to catch them. she then, police say, distracts the victims outside for about 30 minutes an then the other suspects come in and steal your stuff. >> in either case, the violation they feel for having their house entered, you can't put a price on it. >> reporter: people in the neighborhood where the snake scam took place do not recognize the woman in the sketch but say their sense of
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security is shaken. police are now asking people in the neighborhoods to review their security cameras and see if they caught anything suspicious and they want to remind the public if someone comes to your door saying they are there to remove snakes or trim trees, demand to see their id. if you feel unsafe, call 911. i'm justine waldman, kron 4 news. happening now, day two of the bay bridge shutdown and you are looking live. there are still crews out there working late into the night getting rid of the old stretch and finishing off the new eastern span. the bay bridge is set to reopen on schedule. work is going pretty well. that is 5:00 a.m. tuesday, september 3, the day after labor day. kron 4's dan kerman has an update. >> reporter: everything is going as planned.
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>> everyone wants us to open early and get there, but we are just trying to get the work done efficiently and safely. again 5:00 a.m., tuesday is the current opening time. >> reporter: demolition continues to a thousand foot section of the old western approach that is in the way of the new span's bike path. that is set to be completed saturday night or sunday morning. >> once they are done there, they will have a crane pick up and put in the sections of the temporary bike path connector. >> reporter: westbound deck paving is complete and the eastbound should be done for the sunrises. >> the focus is going to be on switching out the lighting in the tunnels from the traditional lights to the led light and they are going to wash the inside of the tunnel. >> reporter: around the toll plaza, grinding has been completed, paving is halfway done and stripes is already underway. >> it has been said it is not
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as dramatic as the work that happened during past closings, but this is equally important. this is the last major hurdle we ned to get over to get this bridge open so there is a tremendous amount of excitement. everyone is feeling very confident and we are on track. >> reporter: again, on track means on schedule, not ahead of schedules. if crews get so far ahead they are thinking of moving up the opening, we will not find out about it until sunday at the earliest. at the bay bridge toll plaza, dan kerman, kron 4 news. during the bay bridge shut down, cal trans had the chance to do some work on the western span. they have been imspecting and painting and replacing lights. it is expected they will accomplish more this weekend than they would in three months with regular traffic. stay updated with kron 4. we will keep you up to date on the shut down on the bridge and you can get the latest on
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and on the kron 4 mobile app. santa fe police continue to see into a substitute teacher with a possession of child pornography. they found about 2,000 pornographic photos at his home. he has been a substitute teacher at edenville elementary since 2008. police are looking into his past for any other illegal activity. if he is convicted, he faces up to three years in prison. the contra costa da's office sending a case back to concord police for more investigations. no charges have been filed. 37-year-old richard hastings the third was taken into custody by concord police
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august 31. he was accused of having a relationship with a 15-year-old boy. the 12-year veteran has been suspended without pay. police arrested a man accused of a double murder at his home on tara hills drive. the victims and the suspect appeared to be family members. the killings parked the first and second murders of that area of the year. an alarming discovery in berkeley. someone found a human body part at frontage road. you are looking at video from our helicopter partnership with abc7 news. police not releasing any details as they continue to investigate. clear skies over the bay tonight. you can see that from mount tam, there is no fog out there tonight. there are some low clouds out over the ocean and they are expected to move in a little bit later this evening coming
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in on the breeze blowing the camera around tonight. we will see the fog for tomorrow morning. it will be around the bay. should clear out by about 10:00 for tomorrow. mostly sunny for the rest of the day. temperatures are going to be cooler than what we had today. look for upper 80s in livermore and concord. low to mid 70s in oakland and san francisco. five to 10 degrees cooler sunday. and possibly rain. more in a few minutes. an outbreak of e. coli in san francisco believed to be connected to a burmese restaurant in the richmond district. they are closing for the weekend. 14 e. coli infections have been linked to that restaurant including 11 scores 11 san francisco residents. the restaurant owner is cooperating in the investigation. still ahead, the white house might be moving closer
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to a military strike in syria. what the president is saying. the latest on the yosemite fire. there is progress, but still weeks to go before full containment. and some san francisco firefighters returning from yosemite talking about what it was like on the front lines of the huge wild fire. blah unbelievable.
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>> tonight, u.n. chemicals weapons experts are leaving syria and going to lebanon. this came after president obama announced any military strike will not include ground troops. grant lotus has the latest. >> we are looking at the possibility of a limited aerial act. >> reporter: air strikes. >> i have had my military and our team look at a wide range of options. >> reporter: the u.s. has air
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bases in turkey and jordan. five navy destroyers are in the eastern mediterranean. >> we cannot accept a world where women and children and innocent civilians are gassed on a terrible scale. >> reporter: the president revealed while the administration believes the asad government was behind the attack on civilians 10 days ago. the evidence in a newly released intelligence report says personnel were on the ground making preparations, the elements of the regime were told to prepare for an attack with gas masks and rockets came from government controlled areas. >> at least 1,429 syrians were killed in this attack including at least 426 children. >> reporter: the asad government rejects the conclusions and has promised to
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defend the country against any aggression. i'm grant lodes, kron 4 news. still ahead, what it was like to be on the front lines of the huge fire in yosemite. we are going to hear from a san francisco firefighter part of a team just back from being there. plus, crews out all weekend getting the new eastern span set to reopen. it is going to reopen on tuesday. they are on schedule. stay with us. female narrator: through labor day at sleep train,
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>> firefighters continue to make progress in the yosemite fire. let's look at the latest information. more than 210,000 acres have now burned. the wild fire is about 35% contained. it has reached the hetch hetchy reservoir which supplies the bay area, but officials say the water is safe. kron 4's philippe djegal updates us now on how the crews are doing. >> reporter: from the air and on the ground, fire crews are aggressively trying the prevent the rim fire from pushing any further into yosemite national park. >> it is extremely important. what they are doing is eliminating the fuels so they can stop the fire. >> reporter: the captain with the fire department is one of many firefighters cutting and removing loose tree limbs and debris from the northern part
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of yosemite off tayoga road before more crews come in and light up a controlled burn to stop the rim fire's forward progress. >> we don't want the burn to get up into the trees. >> reporter: u.s. forests and parts services crew members are also lighting controlled burns. this team on its way to groves of giant sugar pine trees and sequoias. they will cut line across the area and by hand and helicopter light a controlled burn. >> with a fire started up on top of the ridge taking the fire down the ridge to back the fire into the grove so it doesn't receive the head fire that the coming up from down below. >> reporter: firefighters say the controlled fires have played a big role in slowing down the rim fire and protecting homes, landmarks, and lives. the tuolumne sheriff's department has lifted an
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evacuation order in tuolumne city. in tuolumne county, philippe djegal, kron 4 news. 22 members of san francisco's fire strike team. they are back home. they have spent a week helping at the yosemite fire. tonight, one of the team members talked about the challenges they faced. >> the area up there is very tough because of the terrain. we are on steep hills. we are on rock faces, in river drainages. so getting resources in place, getting doziers and hand crews is not an easy task. >> that strike team goes anywhere in the state on short notice. a limousine safety bill passed today following the death of five women in may when a limousine burst into flames. it would require limo
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inspections, the bill will now head to the full assembly and the senate. we had a nice day today. sunshine, warm temperatures, and clear skies out there now. there is the golden gate. you can see all the way into marin county. we will have fog in the morning clearing into sunshine in the afternoon. temperatures not as warm as we had today. sunday, there is a weather system coming in bringing a few showers for the bay area. here is the future cast at noon tomorrow. there is fog at the coast, but sunny skies around the rest of the bay area. as we get into the nighttime hours, watch this. in southern california, they have had a lot of showers and thunderstorms recently. watch what happens. 8:00 a.m. looking at light showers, about four hours sunday and the threat for showers continues through the entire day off and on. not anything heavy, but it will
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be with us sunday afternoon, sunday evening, possibly into monday morning. i think we will see improvement as we get into monday afternoon. temperatures for tomorrow. mostly sunny skies. a great day. look for highs not as hot inland. upper 80s to around 90. 70s by the bay. north bay, low to mid 80s . 70 san francisco. beautiful afternoon. oakland 75. we have rain drops for sunday. monday, clouds in the morning, perhaps an early morning shower, but then sunshine for the afternoon and turning sunny and warmer for the rest of the week. katherine? >> don't count on a quiet labor day weekend. san francisco has been ranked in the top 15 popular u.s. destinations this holiday weekend and a lot of tourists
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don't use the bay bridge anyway. >> we don't rent cars in san francisco. you walk or take the subway or bus. >> tourists are spending quite a bit to visit us. the average round trip air fair $330 and the average hotel $240 a night. well today kicked off apple's trade in program for its new iphone 5 models. the program will let customers bring in their own iphones. they can do this at any apple store and get a credit to a new phone. they are going to unveil two new phones september 10. in sports, the giants get their lead off hitter back and he pays dividends. and another returning player gives another punch to the as lineup. jason has the highlight and all the sports next. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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>> all right, welcome back everybody. the as back home after taking three of four in detroit. joe madden's rays in town. several took bart to the coliseum because the bay bridge is closed. kurt suzuki batting ninth in the lineup. showing power over david price and it is 3-1as . top eight, 3- 2as . ryan cook gives up the
11:25 pm
sinker. tieing run comes in to score. 3-3 in the 8th inning. that is where we stud until jed lowrie down the line in right, just fair. coco crisp races home from second. as win the game 4-3. they are now two back of texas in the west. parker by the way ties cat fish hunter with 17 straight start without a loss. good for him. the giants only had three hits today, but it turns out that was enough. angel pagan gets a bro hug from the president. he is back since that hamstring injury may 25. look at this. pagan delivers in his first at bat. just the third pitch of the game for the only run of the game. bottom 6th inning now. here is the play of the game. pablo sandoval, they say he has lost about 25 pounds. he shows he is doing it here with the nice stop and throw.
11:26 pm
the benches love it. that was with the bases loaded. martin prado, right through the pitcher's leg. turns the double play. prado can't believe it. pagan loves it. giants win it. romo, his 33 save. the 49ers finish the preseason 3/1 and relatively injury free. james suffered a sprained right knee in the win over the chargers last night. he is their primary return man, punts and kickoff. he will be missed there, but should be back about week three against the colts. the raiders meanwhile have quarterback issues. torrell prior had a chance against seattle to show what he could do and it wasn't much. sure, he made a nice run here, breaks to the outside, but that was about it for prior who played the entire first half finishing three for eight. as you will see here, this ugly
11:27 pm
interception, when he puts it up for grabs, probably not enough to pry the job away from the favorite matt flynn. so coach, who will it be? prior or flynn? >> i'm not telling you. we have to think about commutative reasons too. we will keep that in house and tell you when it is time. >> why not tell us? they owe him $6.5 million guaranteed. how about a little golf? tiger woods playing in norton, massachusetts out of boston. he looked good. shot a three under 68 but he is five shots back of phil mickelson. that is phil back there, you will see him run out. he kind of likes it and the crowd likes it too. it lands right in the fairway. from there, he shot an eight under 63 and he was the coleader of that event with
11:28 pm
brian davis. we will see how that goes. tigers versus phil. >> we will, have a good weekend. ♪
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